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Textile Sunrise 2

A long, narrow textile strip that experimentally combines materials and techniques from the worlds of weaving, printing and electronics.

By heating the conductive yarns incorporated into the fabric, the textile substrate becomes a kind of “screen” on which patches of color appear and disappear, intermittently changing
their shades.

The textile strip incorporates nano-technological materials, which allow for encoding information, heating, monitoring contact, and documentation of additional physical and environmental parameters. The introduction of conductive yarn into the woven fabric was examined in order to develop smart fabrics that actively and selectively react to their immediate environment. These fabrics play a central role within the development processes currently unfolding in the contemporary field of
textiles – while raising ethical challenges and aesthetic and cultural concerns that are explored in this work.

Textile Sunrise II was presented at the Tel Aviv Biennale of Crafts & Design at Eretz Israel Museum, as part of the Frayed Edges exhibition at The Lab in the Observation Tower, 2020.

Ayelet Karmon, Ori Topaz, Merav Perez


Programming and Electronic System design
Zohar Messeca Fara 


Amit El-Ad 


Producer of CNT conductive thread
Tortech Nano Fibers

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