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Kay is the name of a conversational robot designed for a specific place: the Kadar Design and Technology Center, an educational space in Shenkar.

Kay's purpose is to assist people in the center – students and other visitors – both in practical needs and in creating an increased belonging to the place. Kay serves several functions: finding and presenting documentation of projects created in the Center, locating equipment, as well as general information and guidance around the Center. Kay has a textile component which was designed and produced in collaboration with CIRTex. Designing Kay’s garment was done with three things in mind: defining the private and legitimate-to-hold areas of its body, to emphasize its movement and gestures, and to bring a tactile quality which invites touch and allows for emotional bonding.

Visit Kadar's center website by clicking here

Kay’s project was presented at the Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) conference 2021 themed Nowhere
and Everywhere.

Read the article presented at the conference by clicking on it.




Michal Rinott, founder of the Kadar
Design and Technology center


Other members of the project
Shahar Geiger, Neil nenner, Ori Topaz, Ayelet Karmon and Kiersten Blake.

Knitting work was done by Chen Novominsky.

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