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Inflatable Bag

The inflatable bag was born from the classic yellow life vest found on airplanes.

It looked to me as if it already belongs to my Mcollection of bags. It also shed light on another aspects: Its ability to inhale and exhale air. I saw a potential for innovation in the life vest, one that can influence the relationship between a man and its carriage. I created this prototype not as a working future prototype but as an inspirational model that looks at the friction point between a man and their carry-on from a new angle and manifest it in an innovative way.

Through the implementing of an inflatable air pocket between the body and the bag I was able to manipulate the friction point and make it more flexible and adjustable.  With this air pocket inserted between the carrier and the bag, I was able to control the weight balance over the body and the physical distance between the carrier and
the bag’s content.

There is something about this breathing bag with its extraordinary look that highlights the relationship between the bag and a rescue boat, raincoat, float, pillow,
a bird and a beach ball.


Inflatable Bag is part of s M.Des Thesis project 


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