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Gzurot Blog

Gzurot was a fashion DIY blog geared towards local makers and designers in Israel.

In the blog incorporated monthly projects that were formed, documented and explained in easy-to-follow step by step tutorials. The blog generated a live community of makers that shared their own designs, asked questions, and shared knowledge and slowly advanced their practice and skill level. Gzurot was an on going project I managed to do between the births of my 2 kids while I was questioning my role as a designer and a fashion design teacher.

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רצועה לתיק 7.jpeg
איך תופרים תיק 1.jpeg
איך תופרים תיק שער.jpeg
הדפסה על בד6.jpg
הדפסה על בד11.jpeg
22איך מדפיסים על בד.jpg
3איך מדפיסים על בד.jpeg
12איך מדפיסים על בד.jpeg
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